Our business

Our expertise, gained over numerous years in advising and assisting business leaders, and entrepreneurs (CEO, CFO, Business Units managers, accounts managers,…) of different size activity, from middle sized companies to large international groups, in the implementation all of their projects, and more particularly those relating to development, in the three main areas of our basis professional activity

Tax and accounting – Audit – Consultancy

To realise – to control and certify – to advise

Within the three main areas of our basis professional activity, our approach is based on two major principles:

In order to advice correctly or to carry out an effective review, one should also be able to perform himself the same kind of task well and in an efficient way (…)

Being able to perform in an efficient way, wich means mastering every basic concepts and tools. Thus FIMECOR Walter Allinial commits itself with:

  • A very careful selection of suitably qualified, dynamic and highly motivated professionals,
  • A significant continuing training program based on:

    • Training courses and material conceived, developed and implemented by best experienced internal (from within the network) or external specialists,
    • In addition with comprehensive practical cross disciplinary experience in the three main areas of activity on assignments with clients in a wide range of sizes and nos-specialisationss.

(…) in accordance with the Walter France network concept : ‘Global in reach, local in touch’:we are both:

  • Global in outlook (several languages spoken fluently, able to adapt to the various tax and accounting systems and different cultures, use of systems to simultaneously convert financial statements based on different charts of accounts, accounting standards, accounting and tax follow-up and assistance for foreign group subsidiaries and branches in France, SOX testing,…), 
  • Local approach : close to real day to day issues for our clients, who are also considered as partners in business. We are constantly seeking efficiency and optimal solutions, to ensure our clients are heading in the right direction for future developments and projects.

This also reflected in the accessibility and significant involvement of partners and engagement managers.

This know-how was experienced as well with Small and Medium size companies or large international groups, as well as for services or industry, banking or logistics, Arts and leisure, food or building businesses,…